Post Rules

Terms and Conditions For Posting an AD With Us.

  1. NO NUDE PHOTOS!!. Photos that can be found in a Victoria secret ad, or Fredrick’s of Hollywood, or Yandy, or a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit (body paint) or ESPN Bodies issue  are acceptable examples. But full explicit nude photos are not permitted
  2. The use of any acronyms to describe any service or activity aren’t allowed.
  3. In the forum section NO PERSONAL ATTACKS. Attacks on each other or other sites/forums will be deleted immediately repeat violators will be banned.
  4. Independent adult models ONLY. No agency’s are allowed.
  5. All advertisers need to have a reference. Only established personal adult models are permitted to advertise. You will be required to provide at least one established personal adult model as a reference. Failure to do so will result in your ad being removed without warning. Any questionable ads or references will result in your ad being deleted and being permanently banned.
  6. Contact information needs to be confined to an email address, or social media account, and/or a phone number.
  7. Any ads that offer any illegal or explicit details will be deleted without notice and the author banned.